This website is intended to be an archive and documentation of all-talking feature films produced in the Weimar Republic from 1929 to 1933. Powered by summaries and reviews from the period, the Weimar Talkies Project (WTP) offers a glimpse into a world of film that only partially survives today.

Julius Kupfer-Sachs, artwork for Das große Bilderbuch des Films, UCLA Special Collections
The Weimar Talkies Project was established in 2017 by A.B. Seyfert as an academic non-commercial website dedicated to chronicling the motion picture productions of the Late Weimar Republic, operating under the "fair use" doctrine, sections 107 through 120 of the copyright act (title 17, U.S. Code) which allows the reproduction of a particular work for criticism, comment, research, news reporting, etc. Previously published materials contained herein remain © copyrighted property of the original owners and may not be duplicated for profit.