1932 Premieres

Chronological order by German release date:

The Pride of Company Three

At Your Orders, Sergeant

Distorting at the Resort

Chauffeur Antoinette

Marriage with Limited Liability

Two Heavenly Blue Eyes

Night Convoy

Wrong Number, Miss

Storms of Passion

Royal Lovers

Holzapfel Knows Everything

No Money Needed

Things Are Getting Better Already

Under False Flag

A Tremendously Rich Man

The Most Handsome Man in the State

Two Hearts Beat As One


The Company’s in Love

Secret Agent

Three From the Unemployment Office

A Bit of Love

Masters of the Stream

Here’s Berlin

Father Goes on a Trip

The Ladies Diplomat

The Winner

Peter Voss, Thief of Millions

The Blue Light

The Mad Bomberg

For Once I’d Like to Have No Troubles

Grandstand for General Staff

Gitta Discovers Her Heart

Four in Team 13

Five from the Jazz Band

A Song, a Kiss, a Girl

Crime Reporter Holm

Once There Was a Waltz

Girls to Marry

The Countess of Monte Cristo

Melody of Love

A Man and His Typist

The Cheeky Devil

Kitty Cheats Her Way to Happiness

Sweet Little Secret

Ups and Downs

A Mad Idea

Raid in St. Pauli

Cruiser Emden

The Song of Night

To Whom Does the World Belong?

All Is at Stake

Nighttime Cavaliers

Mrs. Lehmann’s Daughters

From a Small Residence

Man Without a Name

Johnny Steals Europe

A Shot at Dawn

When Hearts Meet

A Soldier’s Love Is True Indeed

The Night of Temptation


Two Happy-Go-Lucky Days

The Beautiful Adventure

The Lucky Top Hat

Party Doesn’t Answer

The Eleven Schill Officers

The Van Geldern Case

Modern Dowry

The Bartered Bride

Queen of Atlantis

The Two from the South Express

Uncanny Stories

I Do Not Want to Know Who You Are

Barberina, The King’s Dancer

Countess Mariza

Eight Girls in a Boat

A Blonde Dream

She, or Nobody



Theodor Körner

Prince Seppl

The Golden Angel Ball

The Importance of Being Earnest

Under the Roofs of Berlin

The Black Hussar

How Shall I Tell My Husband?

The First Right of the Child

Gilgi: One of Us

Aunt Gussie Commands

Love in Uniform

Spoiling the Game

Death Over Shanghai


Gypsies of the Night

The Champion Shot

The Testament of Cornelius Gulden


The Gala Performance

Annemarie, the Bride of the Company


Love at First Sight

The White Demon

Marshal Forwards

I By Day, You By Night

The Secret of Johann Orth

The Tsar’s Diamond

Dream of Schönbrunn

Haunted People


The Heath Is Green

Secret of the Blue Room

Sacred Waters

Spell of the Looking Glass

Thea Roland

The Blue of Heaven


When Love Sets the Fashion

The Golden Glacier

F.P.1 Doesn’t Respond

Ship Without a Harbour

The Invisible Front

Impossible Love

Battle for Blonde