1931 Premieres

Chronological order by German release date:

A Storm Over Zakopane

Different Morals

Madame Pompadour

Her Majesty the Barmaid

The Kaiser’s Sweetheart

Road to Rio

Magic of the Barracks

The Private Secretary

Student Life in Merry Springtime

The Firm Gets Married



The Man Who Murdered

Ash Wednesday

Schubert’s Dream of Spring

Storm Over Mont Blanc

The Beggar Student

The Love Doctor

The Man in Search of His Murderer


The Murderer Dimitri Karamazov

The Fate of Renate Langen

The Forester’s Daughter

Three Days of Love

Miss Springtime

The Threepenny Opera


Circus Life


Her Grace Commands

The Merry Wives of Vienna

Wanted for Murder

Their True Colors


That’s All That Matters

The Wrong Husband


The Street Song

Once I Loved a Girl in Vienna

Waltz Paradise

I Go Out and You Stay Here

A Woman Branded

Enemy in the Blood

Terror of the Garrison

The Song of Life


Shadows of the Underworld

When the Soldiers

The Dancing Hussar

The Love Express


Express 13

One Hour of Happiness

Children Standing Trial

The Secret of the Red Cat

The Scoundrel

Panic in Chicago

Elisabeth von Austria

The Opera Ball

No More Love

The Squeaker

Between Night and Dawn

In the Employ of the Secret Service


The Woman They Talk About

My Cousin from Warsaw

The Little Escapade

The Great Attraction

The Theft of the Mona Lisa

Bombs on Monte Carlo

The Fuss About Love

Errant Husbands

The Battle of Bademuende

The Clairvoyant

The Soaring Maiden

My Wife, the Imposter

The Unfaithful Eckehart

The Henpecked Husband

Who Takes Love Seriously?

Mountains on Fire


You Are My One Desire

His Ground for Divorce

A Waltz by Strauss

Berlin – Alexanderplatz

Duty Is Duty

24 Hours in the Life of a Woman

Weekend im Paradies

The Adventurer of Tunis

Shooting Festival in Schilda

Hooray, It’s a Boy!

The Virtuous Sinner

Everyone Asks for Erika

The Congress Dances

The Company’s Mother

The Secret of the Third Night

Without Meyer, No Celebration is Complete

Midnight Lovers

The Other Side

I’ll Stay With You

Manoeuver Time Is Fine

Poor as a Church Mouse

Peace of Mind

A Crafty Youth

Love’s Command

The Trembling Mountain


The Office Manager

Grass Widower

The Daredevil

The Schlemiel

The Mountain Climber

Girls in Uniform

Women Must Be Forgiven

The Trunks of Mr. O. F.

Emil and the Detectives

Bobby Starts Off

Louise, Queen of Prussia

The Love Branch

A Night at the Grand Hotel

The Spanish Fly

The White Ecstasy

Hell on Earth

Young Adolar

Victoria and Her Hussar

My Leopold



The Night Without Pause

The Captain from Köpenick


The Unknown Guest

Under the Spell of the Mountains