1930 Premieres

Chronological order by German release date:

Once You Give Away Your Heart

Never Trust a Woman

Waltz of Love

The Immortal Vagabond

Two Hearts in Waltz Time

The Last Company

Love in the Ring


There Is a Woman Who Never Forgets You

Vienna, City of Song

The Blue Angel

The Tiger Murder Case

The Alluring Goal

Tonight – Maybe

The Rhineland Girl

The Waltz King

Westfront 1918

Scandalous Eva

Handsome Gigolo, Poor Gigolo


Only on the Rhine

The King of Paris

The Shot in the Talker Studio

A Tango for You

The Cabinet of Doctor Larifari

A Fight with the Underworld

The Other

The Son of the White Mountain

Fairground People


The Great Longing


A Student’s Song of Heidelberg


The Tenderhearted Relatives

Love’s Carnival

The Corvette Captain

Only You

The Linden Tree Landlady

The Csikos Baroness

A Waltz in a Sleeping Coupé

The Three From the Filling Station

Va Banque

Josef the Chaste

Bock Beer Fest

Oh Those Glorious Old Student Days

How Do I Become Rich and Happy ?

The Song Is Over

Darling of the Gods

Fire in the Opera House

The Old Song

Two Neckties

Guesthouse Schöller

Dolly Gets Ahead

Arbored Colony

Lieutenant, Were You Once a Hussar ?

Kohlhiesel’s Daughters

The Blonde Nightingale

Flachsmann the Educator

Three Days Confined to Barracks

The Stolen Face

The Land of Smiles

Susanne Cleans Up

The Jumping Jack

Him or Me

Retreat on the Rhine

Marriage in Name Only


Do You Speak German?

A Friend So Lovely as You



The Darling of Vienna

The Flute Concert of Sans-Souci

Two People

Hans in Every Street

Schlumpsi, the Matchmaker